All American Comfort Food

  • Breakfast

    Enjoy the morning without the drive-thru. Muffins, rolls, donuts and pancakes are classic ways to start the day. Our BREAKFAST section has what you need to get you going.

  • Lunch

    SOUPS are a healthy & time-saving way to feed the family. Make a batch & it'll last a few days. We think GRILLED CHEESE in any way, shape or form can stand up to the heartiest of soups.

  • Dessert

    We've never met a dessert we didn't like but PIES are the ultimate comfort food. Try a lattice-topped Cherry Pie by Chloe Rosen to celebrate Presidents' Day. Well done, by George!

  • Cocktails

    Your work is finished & the slippers are on. Sip a classic Sidecar, Manhattan or Perfect Gin Martini to celebrate another day of a job well done.