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About Jake Leishman
About Jake Leishman <p> A trained photographer, Jake didn&#39;t start baking until later in life but now he&#39;s hooked. Watch him in action making <a href="/videos/dessert-and-baked-goods/basic-brioche">Basic Brioche</a> and <a href="/videos/dessert-and-baked-goods/bostock-almond-crusted-brioche">Bostock (Almond Crusted Brioche)</a>. It&#39;s clear to see he&#39;s chosen the right career path!</p>

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A trained photographer, Jake didn't start baking until later in life but now he's hooked. Watch him in action making Basic Brioche and Bostock (Almond Crusted Brioche). It's clear to see he's chosen the right career path!

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  • Posted Saturday, January 22, 2011, at 1:37 am by Candice:
    Jake, I loved your Brioche recipe. I served it at a small cafe I own and it was an instant hit. Do you have a large batch recipe for it? If you're willing to share it please email me. Thanks for sharing the recipe, it was extraordinary. legend1ca@hotmail.com

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