Gum Paste Flowers


Vegetable shortening


Store bought gum paste

Small flower cutters

Gum paste boning tool

Gum paste forming sponge

Pink petal dust

Soft paint brush


  1. Rub a bit of vegetable shortening into a non stick mat until clear
  2. Roll gum paste between your hand and flatten before placing it on the mat
  3. Using a fondant rolling pin, roll out the gum paste into a very thin sheet
  4. Using fondant cutter, quickly cut out 5 to 6 flowers of varying sizes and transfer them to a forming sponge
  5. Thin the edges of the petals of the larger flowers with the boning tool. Press the center of the flowers with the boning to encourage the flowers to curl. Dip the tools into cornstarch if they begin to stick to the tools
  6. Place flowers on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and let dry for 12 to 24 hours
  7. Using the paint brush, dust each flower with the petal dust, working from the edges inward
  8. Smaller flowers can be tossed in the petal dust to completely coat them