Coloring & Rolling Fondant


  • white or colored fondant
  • colored food gel or paste (if needed)
  • cornstarch


  • latex-free gloves
  • silicone mat (or marble work surface)
  • thin, nonstick rolling pin
  • fondant smoother
  • craft blade or sharp paring knife


  1. Cut off a large enough piece of fondant to cover your cake when it is rolled out
  2. To color, hold in gloved hands and squeeze some food coloring gel or paste atop. Add the color sparingly. You can always add more, but adding too much can make the fondant sticky. Start to knead the color into the fondant, stretching and folding until there are no streaks of white remaining
  3. If satisfied with the color, lay a nonstick silicone mat atop work surface. A marble surface is great to work on, if available. Coat the mat or surface lightly with cornstarch
  4. Roll out fondant thinly, but not so thin that it will tear when covering your cake
  5. Pick up and lay over cake. Start by using your hands and smooth the fondant over the cake, assuring that no air pockets, tears or bumps affect the finish. Use the fondant smoothing tool to mold the top and sides of the cake to a smooth and even shape
  6. Use a craft cutter or a sharp paring knife to trim the excess fondant along the bottom of the cake. The excess can be re-used if wrapped tightly in plastic and kept in a sealed container and room temperature. Smooth out the bottom edge with the fondant smoother tool. Continue to decorate as desired, or learn how to make Fondant Flowers and do decorative Filigree Piping