Pickled Rutabaga


  • 1 lb (500g) or more of rutabaga and/or other vegetables, as desired (in this video, the rutabaga weighed 317 gm, so 6 gm or 1¼ tsp of salt* were used)
  • sea salt*

Special Equipment

  • 1-pint mason jars
  • large mixing bowls
  • metric kitchen scale


  1. Peel, shred, core, seed, and/or slice your vegetables as needed
  2. Weigh all of the vegetables together, and use 2% salt, combining well with rutabaga
  3. Ensure that the entire contents of the jars are submerged under brine within two days, and remain submerged thereafter
  4. Check for taste in a couple of days.  If to your liking, refrigerate and use for about a month


  • Intact, halved, or quartered vegetables (eg., brussels sprouts, radishes, carrots, or even small cabbages) may be embedded in the rutabaga for variety
  • Use a larger fermenting vessel if you need to
  • Lactofermented parsnips are particularly nice. Cut them across the grain, into thin rings. If you cut them length-wise into sticks, they can be woody
  • Turnips and radishes are excellent as well