Corn Tortillas

Serves 12
You can cut the recipe in half or quarter it


  • 2 cups masa harina (instant corn flour)
  • 1ΒΌ cups water, lukewarm

Special Equipment

  • flat griddle
  • plastic wrap
  • durable tortilla press


  1. Mix corn masa harina and water in a medium bowl by hand and form a ball
  2. Break off pieces of dough, about the size of golf balls (about 1½" diameter). Work with one piece of dough at a time, keeping the rest of the dough covered in plastic so it will not dry out
  3. Line the bottom of a tortilla press with plastic wrap
  4. Place ball of dough on the plastic wrap and place an additional piece of wrap on top of the dough
  5. Press down twice, then remove from wrap and transfer to a flat griddle over medium heat (dry, no oil)
  6. Allow to cook 10-20 seconds per side, until the edges of the tortilla just start to curl
  7. Flip, cook opposite side. Remove to a plate or basket and repeat process, stacking cooked tortillas to keep them warm

Wasn't that easy?!