Lobster Clambake


  • seaweed
  • lobsters
  • clams
  • mussels
  • corn on the cob (cut in ½)
  • red potatoes


  1. Construct a pile of large field stones
  2. Arrange the stones so that you have as even a surface as possible on the top of the pile
  3. Arrange a layer of wood logs on top of the field stones
  4. Cover the wood logs with charcoal of your choice
  5. Light the fire and allow to burn for 3-4 hours
  6. Rake the charcoal and embers from the top of the stones to the edges.  It will naturally find its way to the nooks and crannys of the stone pile
  7. Cover the rocks with seaweed that has been soaking in sea water
  8. Place the lobsters on their backs on top of the seaweed
  9. Place the corn and potatoes in mesh bags or water soaked baskets on top of the seaweed
  10. Place the mussels and clams in mesh bags or loose directly on top of the seaweed
  11. Cover the food with more seaweed
  12. Cover the entire bake with a heavy duty canvas tarp that has been soaked in water overnight
  13. Cover everything with a plastic tarp to prevent the wind from cooling the bake too quickly
  14. Bake for 1 hour
  15. Remove the tarps, seaweed, food, and serve!