Cheesecake Pops

9" cheesemake makes about 48 pops



  • chilled cheesecake
  • candy melts (microwavable dipping chocolate)
  • candy sprinkles or shredded coconut


  • small ice cream scoop
  • wax paper-lined plate
  • lollipop sticks
  • food prep gloves (optional)
  • styrofoam or floral foam (optional)


Scoop & Refrigerate

  1. Line a plate with wax paper
  2. Scoop chilled cheesecake using small ice cream scoop onto a wax paper-lined plate - don't worry about shaping them yet - and refrigerate 30-60 minutes for cheesecake to firm up

Shape Pops & Freeze

  1. With gloved hands (optional - but makes rolling cheesecake easier), roll each scoop of cheesecake into a more rounded shape. (They don't have to be perfectly round as they'll be dipped in chocolate and garnished with candy)
  2. Insert lollipop stick and lay pop back on the wax paper-lined plate
  3. Continue for all scoops, then freeze at least 1 hour

Add Chocolate & Sprinkles

  1. Melt chocolate candy melts in microwave according to manufacturer's directions (in about 30 second increments to keep melted) and dip each pop, letting the excess chocolate drip off
  2. Chocolate will harden pretty quickly, so immediately by hand or with a spoon, add sprinkles, candy of choice or coconut, turning the lollipop stick as you go to cover all sides of the pop
  3. Place pops in styrofoam or floral foam to stand them up, or lay them on a dish. Keep refrigerated on the wax-paper lined sheet until serving. (Refrigerate leftover pops - if any!)

Note: Cheesecakes are sold in slices and halves too if you just want to make a few pops