Martinez Martini


  • 2 oz gin
  • ½ oz Cynar (artichoke-flavored liqueur)
  • ½ oz Italian sweet vermouth
  • ¼ oz maraschino liqueur
  • 2 dashes wormwood citrus bitters
  • ice cubes
  • lemon peel (thick enough to contain a few drops of lemon oil)

Special Equipment

  • mixing glass
  • cocktail stirrer
  • cocktail strainer
  • double old-fashioned glass, chilled


  1. Add ice to an old fashioned double rocks glass and set aside to chill while making the martini
  2. In a mixing glass, add gin, Cynar, vermouth, maraschino liqueur and bitters. Fill glass with ice cubes
  3. Sir well until ingredients are cold and diluted, then strain into the chilled cocktail glass
  4. Slice a piece of lemon rind. Squeeze lemon oil into the glass, rub peel on the rim, then drop it into the glass and enjoy!