• peels of 8 lemons
  • 1 quart vodka
  • 1-½ cups simple syrup

Special Equipment

  • zester/peeler
  • sieve/strainer
  • 1 quart glass jar w/ lid
  • tape & marking pen
  • funnel


  1. Add the peels of 8 lemons  to 1 quart of vodka and let stand for 3-5 days (shaking once daily).  After day 3 start sampling to get the taste you want. When it tastes right, but before the lemon peels get stiff, remove the peels and strain the liquid through a coffee filter or sieve
  2. Let the lemon vodka rest for a day or so and then mix 1-½ cups of the infused vodka with 1-½ cups simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water warmed on the stove until sugar dissolves and then cooled)
  3. Give it time to settle down and serve on the rocks or neat

Alternative Method

  1. An alternative method is to use about 30 lemons, and add about ⅓ citron vodka to ⅔ regular vodka which makes it very lemony but will give a very nice flavor

Note: Your finished limoncello can be kept in the freezer for up to 2 months