Hot-Brewed Herbal Iced Tea

Makes 10 six-ounce cups of tea


  • 6 cup portion rooibos
  • 3½ cup portion hibiscus
  • ½ cup portion tea flowers
  • 10 cups boiling water
  • enough ice to fill heat-proof pitcher or container

Garnish (Optional)

  • 6-10 blueberries
  • tea flowers


  1. Using a tea scale, with a 1 cup weight = 6-oz cup of tea as your guide, measure teas and add loose tea or tea sachets to a heat-proof pot
  2. Add boiling water and steep tea for 8 minutes
  3. Fill a heat-proof pitcher or container with ice, remove tea bags or leaves and strain hot tea over ice
  4. Pour over ice into individual glasses and garnish with fresh fruit or tea flowers