Cold-Brewed Black Iced Tea


  • 2.25 gm black tea per 6-oz traditional teacup serving (Ceylon tea suggested)
  • 6 oz cold water per serving

Garnish Suggestions

  • fresh mint or sage, lightly crushed
  • fresh blueberries
  • tea or fruit-juice flavored ice cubes

Special Equipment

  • digital tea scale
  • teapot
  • tea filter/strainer


  1. Using a tea scale, measure tea according to amount of water being used
  2. Place tea in filter bags, or leave loose in water to strain later
  3. Add cold water and place in refrigerator. Let sit 1-2 days, depending on desired strength (steeping too long can create bitter nuances, so check flavor over the 1-2 day period)
  4. Strain tea and serve over ice
  5. Garnish with lightly crushed herbs (optional)

Suggestion - Make ice cubes from tea or fruit juice; as cubes melt, they add more flavor