Big Bloody Mary from Hell

Vodka infusion makes up to 12 cocktails


For Vodka Infusion

  • 750 ml vodka
  • 3 Scotch bonnet peppers, sliced

For Bloody Mary (add amounts according to taste)

  • citrus juice to dip rim
  • Creole seasoning (for rimming & flavoring)
  • ice to fill glass(es)
  • Scotch bonnet vodka (about 2 oz per cocktail)
  • celery salt
  • tomato juice
  • hot sauce of choice
  • Asian chili sauce
  • orange blossom jam or sweetener of choice
  • brine from spicy, pickled green beans

To Garnish

  • olives
  • celery stalks
  • spicy, pickled green beans
  • pickled okra


Infuse Vodka

  1. Pour off a few ounces of vodka to make room for the peppers
  2. Add the sliced peppers (using gloves!) to the vodka, cap and infuse at room temperature for at least 24 hours. The longer the vodka sits with the peppers, the spicier it will become!

Make Cocktail

  1. Dip the rim of a cocktail glass in citrus juice. Rim with Creole seasoning, then fill with ice
  2. Add celery salt, Creole seasoning and 2 oz infused vodka per drink
  3. Add remaining ingredients in amounts according to taste preference
  4. Stir well & garnish